Not just any festival. This, is Nyege Nyege. Do you know what Nyege means? How do you feel when you hear of 300 musicians heading to the source of the Nile to participate in a 72h music and arts explosion... A gathering most unique. You should come, and find out if you can resist the Nyege Nyege...

You can bring a tent, it's free.
You can rent one, or stay in a hotel nearby, check our upcoming posts about packages. 

Tickets are still 130k for Pre Sale. If we still have tickets available they will be available at the door for 170k.

The festival is family friendly in the day, and party animal ready in the night.

Beers are 3,500Ugx = 100Ksh

Check the whole line up here, and call us in case you get lost.

Event details

Start date : September 1, 2017 12:00 am

End date : September 4, 2017 12:00 am

  Capacity : Unlimited

  Available seats : Unlimited

Booking rates

130k presale/170k @ the gate

Swayhub Events

10 Kira Lane


(256) 701 92 4791